Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Great Article from Virtueonline

Dr, Bruce Atkinson has written a fine article on the Stages of Moral Regression. Many people wonder how we have come to our current societal situation. Dr. Atkinson provides a good answer to this that is biblically well-founded.

Here's the link:

VirtueOnline - As Eye See It - STAGES OF MORAL REGRESSION - Bruce Atkinson


whabbear said...

Dr Jones: As the fight continues for social justice and equality for myself and all other gays and lesbians in this country, there is a strong tendency by our opponents to reference a "radical homosexual agenda". All too often, statements like this one from the article you highlight here are claimed to be part of that agenda, so that our opponents can support the assertion that the agenda is, at its core, radical, evil, and dangerous, and is being advanced by morally bankrupt people:

First between adults, then between children, then between adults and children. The last item has not been added yet, but will be soon: you can tell from the change in language, just as you can tell the approach of winter from the change in the color of leaves."

I can assure you, as one of those in the forefront of this fight, that claims such as this, that what we gays and lesbians really are after is license to exploit and abuse children (which is what sex with children amounts to), are incredibly offensive and patently false.

The planks of the gay rights movement that I fight for are marriage equality and employment equality. Period. End of story. When those goals are achieved, I'll be done with the gay rights movement.

Sorry for the rant, but if you and I are ever going to have constructive dialog on this particular issue, as far apart on it as we are, we at least have to start from a point where what we are trying to achieve is not distorted.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Shrinking Cleric",

I visited St.Stephens in Athens a few weeks ago and at coffee hour, asked about where you were. The person I spoke to looked at me as if I had done something wrong and didn't say anything. It was quite odd, as it was my first time there and I was wondering who was in charge so I could find out about Sunday School after the service. I was also interested in going to Morning Prayer the following day. No one could tell me if there was a service on weekday mornings or who would be there. "Call the Church office after 9 or 10 a.m. and find out" a young 20-something priest told me. Very strange. A visiting clergyman from Virginia led Sunday School and talked about the various divisions in the "Continuing Church". Not a very encouraging lecture and no questions from the floor were entertained. I was there to help a friend working for UGA to move into her new diggs. I did not go back for A.M. prayer or call the office. I may be back in the Athens area again to visit and would like to know if you will be preaching at St. Stephens or if you are somewhere else. Another friend of mine (now in Calif.) used to attend your Church many years ago and recommended it to me. -- contact me via:, "Attn.: Visitor" on subject line. Thanks.

Fr. John said...

If "gay rights" were only about equal opportunity and equal rights who could object?

Unfortunately if any so called "civil rights" protection is extended to homosexuals then we will be in for a never ending series of mandatory sensitivity/multicultural/diversity training sessions. I don't care to be brainwashed about how "gay is good" or some other such nonsense as how to properly interact with a gay person.

Whabbear may be through with the "movement" when the legislation he so ardently desires is finally passed, but the rest of us will just be getting started on required sessions to get our minds right about how to speak about and act toward "gay" people. When this becomes a requirement of continued employment thank Whabbear.

Alice C. Linsley said...

The moral regression actually began with Aristotle's Golden Mean. Plato believed in the existance of absolture Good. He borrowed this from the ancient Afro-Asiatics whose binary worldview was based upon observation of universal binary distinctions such as night-day, eat-west, male-female, heaven-earth, God-Man.

Tthe biblical consideration of homosex is not restricted to a few verses in Genesis and Romans. It is fundamentally part of the binary framework of the entire Bible. Homosex is a violation of the boundasties established by God in the order of creation. So is bestiality, incest and other practices which might blur the distinctions. The prohibition against mixing types, be they fibers or blood, is like the prohibition against confusing the holy with the unholy, or blurring the distinction between life and death, such as happens when a baby goat is boiled in its mother's milk (forbidden three places in Scripture).