Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Father Bob Jones. I'm an Anglican Catholic Priest and a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, hence the blog name, "The Shrinking Cleric." In my church life, I am a priest in the Diocese of the South of the Anglican Catholic Church. We are one of the largest of the continuing church bodies, having remained strong in the faith since the Episcopal Church separated from us about 30 years ago. I am currently the Priest-In-Charge of St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral in Athens, Georgia. For the Diocese of the South, I serve on the Commission on Ministry and on the Consistory Court. As a psychologist, I practice in Conyers, Georgia, a bedroom community of Atlanta, located approximately 30 miles east of the city. In my practice, I see people of all ages with a wide variety of concerns.

Everybody's blogging now, or so it seems, and I thought I should join the crowd. On this spot I'll publish occasional comments, links to articles that I find interesting, and other assorted bits that strike my fancy. Most will relate somehow to either church matters, psychology, or their interplay. However, given that my attention span is somewhat short, there's really no telling what might show up on this page.

Feel free to comment on anything you see. Please avoid personal invective or any comments that you wouldn't make to your mother. Remember, as my French-Canadian Nana used to say, the Blessed Mother sees everything that you do. This is especially true on-line.

Thanks for visiting.