Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Magician's New Trick

The Magician announced his budget today. Fiscal responsibility is the Magician's new "abracadabra." When he pronounces "Fiscal responsibility," the United States federal budget proclaims a deficit of $1,750,000,000,000! What a trick!

The Magician says that he wants to help restore the economy. As any Harry Potter fan can tell you, this is backwards spell. The Magician doesn't want to restore the economy. He wants to destroy the economy and replace it with the one he wants. Cool slight of hand, no?

The Magician is announcing faith-based initiatives. But beware! The Magician wants to insert federal money into church programs and then, when the churches are on the federal dole, "Abracadabra," the Magician will tell them who they can hire, what they can teach, and who can receive the services of the church.

All hail the Magician! His deceptions are without end!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watch the Magician

Anyone who has ever stood in awe of a magician understands that the key to a successful trick is to distract the audience's attention from what is really going on. This works with all sorts of illusions. Every now and then, a truly spectacular magician comes to the forefront and puts on a show to end all shows.

Christians, pay attention to the Magician, please. While we are debating about the "Stimulus bill" have you noticed the number of radical pro-aborts that the Magician is making appear in key positions in our government? Has anyone noticed that while the Magician has us looking to the Stimulus bill, portions of it would forbid the use of public land for any sectarian purpose (read church's renting school auditoriums on Sunday, etc.)? Has anyone noticed that the house will vote on a bill that would allow Americans to travel to Cuba (encouraging a terroristic, atheistic regime)? Did anyone notice that the Magician has said he's all for religion, but not a religion that divides? That he favors a religion that helps with the great social issues of the day?

Many Christians love the Magician and they wanted to see the Magician's show. What none of them realized is that the greatest trick that the Magician will try to pull off is a disappearing act for Christian faith as we have always understood it. Now you see it, now you don't.