Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best of Friends

Sam Franks and Frank Sams were the best of friends since they met at school and found that their names were almost opposite. They were always playing together as kids, and grew up to be great friends. They both got married and kept friends with each other, going down to the pub at weekends, drinking and chatting about the usual hassles and fun of life. Sam Franks owned a disco which sometimes both of them would go to on Fridays for a good time and free drinks as Sam Franks owned it.

But one night when Frank Sams was driving home to his wife after having a great time at the disco a lorry was out of control on the roads and crashed into his car, killing him virtually instantly. Frank Sams then found himself in heaven and able to see his dead relatives and be happy, but he was still feeling lonely without his best friend, Sam Franks, so he went to the Angel Gabriel and asked what the possibility of saying a last farewell to Sam Franks. Sam Franks was also very lonely without his best friend since school, Frank Sams, and said a little prayer to ask to see him for one last time. Angel Gabriel was contemplating whether to let Frank Sams go back to earth and see his best friend since school, Sam Franks, and as he was contemplating, he heard the prayer of Sam Franks asking to see Frank Sams one last time.

Gabriel then realised the strong friendship between the two, so he said to Frank Sams that he could visit earth and his friend, Sam Franks for one last time, for one night only. So Frank Sams was overjoyed at this piece of news and decided to visit Sam Franks on a Friday, where he almost knew he would be at his disco with his wife. Gabriel said to Frank Sams, "The only provisory that I let you go back to earth for one last night, is that you must take your wings, your golden harp and your halo with you, and you must bring them back." Frank Sams agreed and was then sent down to earth just outside of the disco that Sam Franks owned. As this night was a fancy dress type night, he decided to leave on his halo and wings so that he would fit in as another party goer, so he went in and saw his best friend ever, Sam Franks. Sam Franks was in tears as he saw his best friend ever, Frank Sams, walk over to him, they hugged each other (in that manly way). Many drinks were ordered, old times talked about, then they went for a final jive on the dance floor as Frank Sams said that this was the last time they would see each other. It came to closing time for the night, and the end of Frank Sams last visit to earth, so he hugged goodbye, walked out the door and was whisked away back up to heaven.

As it was Gabriel who was to meet him back and check all went well, he thanked Gabriel for the last chance to see his best friend, and Gabriel said "That's fine, I just have to check if you've not left anything behind.", Frank Sams said, "Yep, I've got my wings, my halo.. OH NO! 

I've left my harp in Sam Franks' disco!!"

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Fr. John said...


You're losing it. These jokes stink all the way to Kentucky.

Now here is a joke for you, not a pun mind you, but a real joke.

Five Southern boys and five Yankee lads were waiting to catch a train out of Richmond headed for New York City. After the Yankee boys purchased their tickets they watched as one lone Southerner purchased a single ticket and returned to his compatriots.

The Yanks walked over to the group and asked bemusedly, "how will the five of you ride on a single ticket?" "Watch and see," said the Southerners.

When the train pulled into the station the Southern boys ran to the end of one car and packed into the men's lavatory. When the conductor passed and knocked on the door crying "ticket!" one arm came out a crack and handed a ticket to him. The Yankee boys thought this wickedly clever.

On the return trip once again the two groups were on the same platform. This time the Yanks proudly sent one of their number to purchase one ticket only and then watched in puzzlement as the Southern boys purchased no ticket at all. "Aren't you guys going to buy a ticket" they asked? "No" replied the Southrons, "this time we will ride for free." "How" asked the yanks. "Watch and see" was the reply.

As the train pulled into the station the Yanks ran to the lavatory at the end of one car while the boys from Dixie ran to the one at the other end of the same car. After a moment one Southerner appeared from the lavatory, ran to the lavatory containing the Yanks, knocked on the door and said in a loud voice, "ticket!"