Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yet Another Attack on the Family in the Offing

Mimi and I just returned from a magnificent vacation in Europe. We spent 10 days crusing the Mediterranean visiting Barcelona, Marseilles, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Amalfi, Sicily, Malta, Santorini, and Athens. Our cruise on the Insignia of Oceania Cruises could not have been more enjoyable.

So, we're back!! And guess what? The world is pretty much just as we left it. Here's the latest political nominee who is outspoken in their radical desire to dismantle the traditional family.

This was just what I wanted to see after almost two weeks of rest and relaxation.


whabbear said...

Dr Jones:

Your latest blog is puzzling to me. You claim that those of us in same-sex marriages are trying to dismantle traditional marriage.

These were the wedding vows that I exchanged with my husband Jim last October, though we've been together for 12 years:

Jim, do you take Rob to be your lawful wedded husband
In prosperity and adversity
In sickness and in health
To love and to honor
To hold and to keep
From each sun to each moon
From tomorrow to tomorrow
From now to forever
Till death do you part?

As you can see from these vows, I believe very much in traditional marriage; that's exactly why I got married! Surely those of us who believe in the importance of marriage, gay or straight, are natural allies, are we not?

dwbee9 said...

I share my belief in the Savior with you:

dwbee9 said...

I share my belief in the Savior with you:

Fr. John said...

"I saw an angel named Boney Maroney!"