Monday, August 3, 2009

More Reasons Why I Am an Anglican Catholic

Here are some YouTube videos on some of the bizarre liturgical adventures in the Roman Church. It should be noted that many of these same liturgical adventures can be found in most other churches as well. However, thank God, they are NOT in the Anglican Catholic Church!

Now here's one from the 2008 World Catholic Call to Action Conference. Catholic Call to Action was founded by liberals in the 1970's who were filled with hope that they could remake the church into a paragon of social justice. If there is a leftist cause, they have embraced it. This video (which I may have posted before) is from their closing Mass in 2008. To me, this is a perfect example of everything that can go wrong with a liturgy. Although it is tempting to only watch the video, listen to the words as well.


whabbear said...

Dr Jones:

This was certainly an eye-opener! After watching the videos, I checked out a 2004 publication of the Catholic Church that contained guidelines on what constitutes liturgical abuse and what does not.

One of the guidelines in particular made me wonder:

"At a local monastery they sometimes have one of the nuns read the Gospel. What is the status of this?

Within the celebration of the sacred liturgy, the reading of the Gospel . . . is reserved by the Church’s tradition to an ordained minister. Thus it is not permitted for a layperson, even a religious, to proclaim the Gospel reading in the celebration of Holy Mass, nor in other cases in which the norms do not explicitly permit it (63)."

The gospels contain good words, and good lessons. I seriously wonder how their power can possibly be compromised if they are spoken by a woman rather than a man.

Amazing stuff!

Nathan said...

The Muppets and their lawyers will soon own your home.

The Rev. Robert T. Jones IV, Psy.D. said...

Whabear is absolutely on point when he talks about the words of the Gospel being powerful no matter the reader. However, in the liturgical setting, where the Church as the Body of Christ speaks, it is important that in public proclamation the words of Christ be spoken by her ordained ministers. The reasons for this can be found in a number of church documents.

Nathan, I was served with papers from Miss Piggy and Fozzie the Bear this morning!!

Thanks to you both for your comments.