Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where Catholic Liberals Go to Die!

One of the most hideously liberal organizations that had its birth in the morass of post-Vatican II Christianity is the "Call to Action" movement. To the best of my knowledge the "Call to Action" crowd never accomplished much of anything other than to question any teaching that Catholics or, for that matter, most Christians hold dear.

Now many of them are aging and not particularly gracefully. Here's a closing liturgy from the Southern California chapter of "Call to Action" that I think pretty fairly summarizes the whole movement. Sadly, there are many Episcopalians who might witness this "liturgy" and decide that this should become normative for them.

The link follows. However, I wouldn't suggest watching this right after a meal.

Now, if that's not enough, here's a "Mass" celebrated by Roman Catholic womenpriests(yes, that's the name of the organization). This "Mass" was also celebrated at "Call to Action".


The young fogey said...

Oh, yes, Call to Action as the elephants' graveyard.

Secular society is not interested in liberal Christianity.

Most kids would laugh at it.

The few religious RC ones are Pope Benedict's fan base.

(The CTAers know this and rage as they go into the night.)

Regarding RCWP, something calling itself Roman Catholic when it's not actually under Rome is of course lying.

They're priests in a vagante church not RC priests. But not much of a church: obviously meant to spite their real church and with not a real ministry.

ISTM that CTA having RCWP hold a service at their gathering, and certainly receiving Communion at it, is in fact the RC participants leaving the Church of Rome. Not that anything will happen because of it. They'll go back to their parishes and church-worker jobs like nothing happened.

They're nominally still sort of RC because of ethnic and class ties. Which is why they don't become Episcopalians, who have a nicer, 'higher' liturgical ethos they wouldn't like even though the theologies match.

The Rev. Robert T. Jones IV, Psy.D. said...

Hi Young Fogey and thanks for the comment. I have one mild disagreement with you regarding the Womenpriest movement. I would not call them "vagans" because that would imply that their orders were valid but illicit because they existed outside the jurisdiction of a church of apostolic succession. In their case, they are not priests at all, but merely simulating priestly function, which is a canonical crime in any apostolic church. A small clarification, but one with important implications.

Thanks for your post!

Anonymous said...

As the one responsible for originally posty this travesty, I thought i could find nothing more offensive, I was wrong.

Today is Corpus Christi, let us pray in reparation...

God's Blessings and prayers for you.

james mary evans

The Rev. Robert T. Jones IV, Psy.D. said...

Thanks for your comments, Fratres. I'm actually optimistic about the nature of things, although I think some reparations are probably in order.

I actually am grateful when people do stuff like this (although I hate to see the Holy Eucharist profaned), because then we see them for what they really are.

What I worry more about is the theological liberals who walk in the midst of the churches as wolves in sheep's clothing.

Thanks for your post.