Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Hope in Hard Times

In England, there was a town that had fallen on really hard times. Their primary industry had been their textile mills, but now the mills were all closed and unemployment was at an all-time high.

Desperate, the town's mayor looked frantically around for other industries to bring to his town. He found that there was a man in Germany who was looking for someone to take over his thriving hunting-dog breeding business. The man had made a fortune raising the animals, and was now willing to unload it for a fraction of its value, so that he could retire.

The mayor used his influence to have the mills converted to kennels and all of the dogs transported to his town. Employment skyrocketed and the town prospered. Everyone was happy, even though, sometimes--especially on the nights with a full moon--the animals got a little noisy, keeping some residents awake. But, even these unfortunate few learned to sigh and say,

"The mills are alive with the hounds of Munich!"


Fr Tom said...

O Father, had I not put a plastic cover over my keyboard, you would have been in big trouble - as it is, you owe me half a cup of coffee!!

poetreader said...

Couldn't have done worse myself
and I'm noted for it.